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A Guardians of Time Community's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
A Guardians of Time Community

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[21 Dec 2011|08:19pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Im new here, just looking around, I love guardians of time so I thought I would join this community :]   Im planning on posting some fanart soon :D

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Aquamarine [23 Feb 2009|01:19am]

I can almost sense you
In that sparkling blue
In the memories we left behind
Frozen in the moment
With the fear that makes us blind
So where do you go, my darling
When the sky's no longer blue?
Where do you go,my sunshine
When it catches up to you?
More than a memory I feel you
Suspended back in time
You cut the ropes and I'm falling
Grasping for what is mine
It's aquamarine, this emblem
Shades of blue and green
It's fleeting bits of lovesong
The best I've never seen
It's aquamarine
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Crystal (fanfic) [09 Jan 2009|01:23pm]

[ mood | touched ]

A one-shot that takes place directly after the ending of The Key. Severe spoilers to anyone who may not have finished it yet. Slight angst and implied Arabella x Lorian.
she lowers her frosted lashes to allow herself a moment of quiet thought.

Enjoy ^^

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A GoT Network! [06 Jan 2009|03:12pm]

Well, I've been really, really bored lately, and since I don't get out much I've made a GoT network *is lame* You can find it at http://thenamed.ning.com

After joining, you can set up a profile, answer questions, post images and such, and join The Guard or The Order, depending on which way you lean XD
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Fanart, anyone? [18 Nov 2008|03:51pm]

Hi there! ^^ I was so happy to find this community... I almost fainted. So anyway introduction: I'm Danie (pronounced like "Dani"), and I'm 20. It's nice to meet all of you.

So anyway, I come bearing old (old old OLD) fanart of mine. I drew it before I really developed the ability to draw well, but oh well. It's fanart! :3

*shuffles away*
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Fanfic [01 Apr 2008|11:55pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hi, I've just recently joined after re-reading the Guardians of Time series and re-lighting my love for them!

So I sat down today and wrote some fanfiction... and don't think it came out too bad, either.

Title: Together
Rating: T/13
Summary: Isabel and Arkarian have to turn to sneaking around at night in order to be able to see each other. It's just pure, teeth-rotting fluff.
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4170649/1/Together

Enjoy! (:

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Does anyone know? [28 Feb 2008|05:52pm]
will they be making a movie of GoT??? if they are that would be soooo awesome! I would totally watch it!
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Who Will Lead? [12 Jul 2007|07:18pm]

Poll #1020394 Who Will Lead

Who Will Lead The Tribunal if she makes more books?

Matt and Nera
Who do you think will lead take my pole at bloom14 thanks
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Mistake [20 Jun 2007|10:54pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Who Ever wrote the saying at the top of the screen is wrong it is "I will take you to a place where it is always midnight an black Irises glisten under a bleeding moon 

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Movie [20 Jun 2007|10:46pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

I would LOVE it if someone made a movie based on the books I would go see it. But if they are going to make a movie  they should make it  acording to the books and not how they want to make it their script writers didnt write the book Curley did so USE THE BOOKS AS THE MOVIE NOT HOW YOU WANT TO DO IT.

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Arkarian [20 Jun 2007|07:09am]

[ mood | creative ]

Hey Why is Arkarian not imortal even though his father is. Yeah I know that his mother is mortal but matts mother is too and his father is imortal and he is imortal. It is not adding up. I know that he has the power to stop ageing. Why didnt he (Lorian) didnt give him imortalty like Matts dad gave to matt to give to whom ever he wanted???? if any body knows please write me!!!! 


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Icons [19 May 2007|12:24pm]

I have made some icons using the book covers of Marianne's books. You can find them here.
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FINALLY [23 Jul 2006|03:07pm]

FINALLY FINALLY I have found people who have read the Guardians of Time trilogy. I have been waiting forEVER to have someone to talk to about the books!! They are my favorites.
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Wanted [05 Nov 2005|05:03pm]

Hey everyone,

I am looking for people to submit icons, wallpapers, fan art and fanfics to the Old Magic Website. Everything will be fully credited with name, email and/or website url listed. If you're interested in submitting something please contact me

I am also looking for song suggestions for characters, books and relationships and model/actor suggestions for characters. Let me know if you have any ideas comment on this entry or contact me.
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Oh wow [18 Jun 2005|12:04am]

Hey everyone, I just finished The Key in like a day. And it was simply AMAZING!

For anyone who has finished it (and don't worry I won't give anything away!)- did you tear up a bit at the end?? I sort of did. ::sniff:: lol ;)

And call me lost, but in M. Curley's 2nd acknoledgement at the back of the book she talked about her illness- I had no clue!! I felt so sad that I didn't know, but so glad that she's ok.

So, yeah, just wanted to sound off here. Once more people finish maybe this place can start kicking. :)
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The Key is out in Australia! [05 Jun 2005|10:48am]

Hey again everyone,

As the subject says the Key has been reported to be out in Australia. At the moment I know it is avaliable in Borders but if anyone sees it any where else could you let me know?

Thanks :)
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The Key is out in the USA! [02 Jun 2005|09:31am]

Hey everyone,

Just passing on the information. Several people on the Old Magic Forum have confirmed that they have seen, read or are currently being sent The Key. Amazon.com is shipping it out and their website now says 'ships in 24 hours': http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1582349533/qid=1117701121/sr=8-1/ref=pd_csp_1/002-7873700-1624035?v=glance&s=books&n=507846

The other store that has been named is Barnes and Noble. If anyone sees it in any other country-wide stores please let me know :)
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Hello! [19 May 2005|07:25pm]

Hi! I'm tannith. I just joined here! My faveourite GoT character is Isobel Becket ^_^</span>
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Blog Crew! [14 May 2005|11:17pm]

Hey everyone :)

There is now a Marianne Curley Blog Crew. If you're not sure what it is please head to the website and find out :)
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[22 Mar 2005|05:05pm]
Live forever...
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